Wrestling Reunion 2014

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Wrestling Reunion 2014

Wrestling Reunion 2014 was held at the Northwest Georgia Trade and Convention Center located at  2211 Dug Gap Battle Rd, Dalton, GA 30720 on May 3, 2014. The Wrestling Reunion Fan Fest was from 11am until 5pm with legend wrestlers such as "Bullet" Bob Armstrong, "Wildfire" Tommy Rich, Moondog Rex, "Hands of Stone" Ronnie Garvin, Buff The Stuff Bagwell, Lodi (Ravens Flock Member), Bobby Fulton (1/2 of The Fantastics), "White Lightning" Tim Horner,"Action" Mike Jackson and NWA Legend Referee "Downtown" Jerry Brown. Matches of the night with some of these Legends started at 7:30pm. Also on the wrestling card was the Stars of Brotherhood Championship Wrestling and Friday Night Freedom.

  • "Bullet" Bob Armstrong
    "Bullet" Bob Armstrong
  • Moondog Rex
    Moondog Rex
  • "Wildfire" Tommy Rich
    "Wildfire" Tommy Rich
  • Buff Bagwell
    Buff Bagwell
  • Lodi
  • "Fantastic" Bobby Fulton
    "Fantastic" Bobby Fulton
  • Ronnie Garvin
    Ronnie Garvin
  • "White Lightning" Tim Horner
    "White Lightning" Tim Horner
  • NWA Legend Referee "Downtown" Jerry Brown
    NWA Legend Referee "Downtown" Jerry Brown
"Bullet" Bob Armstrong
"Bullet" Bob Armstrong
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Special guest that Appeared

Adam Jacobs, "Inspiration"Brady Pierce, William "The Hammer" Roberts, 

Mikey Watkins, Johnny Rage and Daniel Gunner

Brotherhood Championship Wrestling and Friday Night Freedom Talent

Male Wrestlers

Dirty Shane, Mike Clay, Trey Walker, Bubba Kiser Savin Robert, Dakota Outlaw, Frankie Davis, Adrian Guerrero, Zack More, James Lynn, Brandon Fuller, Alex Michaels, Devin Lee, John Bishop, Charles Allen, and All American


Steve Starr

Female Wrestlers

Diamond Roberts, Lacey Worth and Destiny Rayne


Phillip Coker 


Steven Rich and Big Daddy

Ring Announcers

JL Cool, Special guest lady announcers  Brittany Crider, and Brooke Stone


Kevin Walker and Cricket

  • Adam Jacobs
    Adam Jacobs
  • Brady Pierce
    Brady Pierce
  • William Roberts
    William Roberts
  • Mikey Watkins
    Mikey Watkins
  • Johnny Rage
    Johnny Rage
  • Dirty Shane
    Dirty Shane
  • Mike Clay
    Mike Clay
  • Trey Walker
    Trey Walker
  • Bubba Kiser
    Bubba Kiser
  • Savin Roberts
    Savin Roberts
  • Dakota Outlaw
    Dakota Outlaw
  • Frankie Davis
    Frankie Davis
  • Adrian Guerrero
    Adrian Guerrero
  • Zack More
    Zack More
  • James Lynn
    James Lynn
  • Brandon Fuller
    Brandon Fuller
  • Alex Michaels
    Alex Michaels
  • Devin Lee
    Devin Lee
  • John Bishop
    John Bishop
  • Charles Allen
    Charles Allen
  • All American
    All American
  • Steve Starr
    Steve Starr
  • Diamond Roberts
    Diamond Roberts
  • Lacy Worth
    Lacy Worth
  • Destiny Rayne
    Destiny Rayne
  • Phillip Coker
    Phillip Coker
  • Steven Rich
    Steven Rich
  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy
  • JL Cool
    JL Cool
  • Brittany Crider
    Brittany Crider
  • Brooke Stone
    Brooke Stone
  • Kevin Walker
    Kevin Walker
  • Cricket